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In today's business environment the volume of information that you are responsible for is increasing at an astronomical rate. The generation, management, accessibility, security of an increasing number of business “documents” is a must for any size organization and especially the larger ones. Better management of ones documents can make or break projects. HyperForms can ensure that you get better control of your documents.  HyperForms is a 100% Web Based Document Management Framework that allows storage and retrieval of any number of types of “documents” or “information assets”. 

The very first implementation of HyperForms in 2009 has processed over 21 million documents for the City of Houston's Municipal Courts Division.  When the City of Houston's Municipal Courts needed a solution to speed up their failed Maximus/CourtView Solution, eBusiness 1 created HyperForms for Courts (which has evolved into HyperCourt) , a state of the art forms processing application geared specicially amount Court Operations.

Automated document generation represents the single largest operation in today’s court management systems.  We reduced the time to generate a document by 95%. After that we expanded HyperForms to fill other voids of their Court Management System, which is called HyperCourt but its engine is HyperForms.

The many facets of HyperForms:

  • Forms Processing Engine – Document-to-image conversion occurs in real-time rather than having to wait minutes and sometimes hours for a permanent document. We can generate documents in less than 1/10th of a second and we have processed over 21 million documents for one client since 2009.
  • Workflow Solution – Can operate as Rules, Dynamic or Advanced Workflow mode. Complete Version Control and an endless amount of Workflow History is stored.
  • Document Management – HyperForms shows its smarts by it use of intelligent queues and advanced routing mechanisms with advanced document control features - Multiple views of the same queue for different job functions is available. The User also determines how long a document is an editable document
  • Collaboration – Allows for advanced collaboration which allows multiple users to view and modify (or markup) a document at the same time in a collaboration session.
  • Web Based Interface – One-click Access, Printing and Status Change to all generated documents with the ability to open and work on several documents at once
  • Browser-based DMS Viewer and Services – Ability to Create documents, View, Search Records, Schedule Appointments, enabling all level of users to access in multiple ways
  • Search/Retrieval – Methods include Meta Data Search and Full-Text Search
  • Extensibility and Integration – Able to interface with almost anything which allows certain components of HyperForms to interface but also be utilized in other applications or solutions
  • Flexibility – Able to manage documents, information assets, data, images, forms, web pages, email, instant messages, video, etc.
  • Web based Interface for External Users – This component is critical for organizations who believe in the “Self Serve” model which includes Stakeholders, Vendors, Partners, Clients and Citizens
  • Real time Statistics – Track all forms created by user, groups of users, departments, organization or enterprise.
  • Real time Reporting – An unlimited number of reports is available by any level, person or grouping.

Features of HyperForms

  • Document Imaging and Capture – Use HyperForms or interface to your legacy solution
  • Storage – In a Central Document Repository or Cloud
  • eSignature – Sign once, populate many
  • HyperForms Autocheck™ - Eliminates misfiling of documents often associated with batch processing and provides a greater level of data integrity
  • XML Library – Our XML basedform template library significantly reduces the amount of time required to make changes.
  • Multiple Security Levels
  • Multi-Lingual
  • GO PAPERLESS - Replace all remaining paper-based court forms with electronic forms
  • Enhanced Remote Access – Solves printing and other performance issues associated with remote access solutions such as Blades
  • Consolidated Forms - Ability to print a single form with all information from multiple cases for the same defendant, thereby reducing paper and postage.
  • Redactions - The ability to produce redacted documents with specific data automatically hidden.
  • Email and Text Notifications – To Citizens, Lawyers, Law Enforcement (Text Police Officials reminder of Court Appearance) or others
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title case studies2Replace DMS

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The Houston Municipal Courts failing Document Management System required judges to have two computers on their desk to do one transaction, the system was "hour-glassing" often and losing data by the boatload.

Replaced Document Management System

Problem: Houston Municipal Courts after getting out of a bad agreement was still stuck with a failing Court Management System that had at its root a Document Management System that was painfully slow and extremely unreliable.   Plan: Create a better way to generate the 15,000 documents needed per day and still populate Court Management System.

Processing Sped Up by 95%

Results: Provided Municipal Courts with a tool to better manage their form processing/generation. HyperForms has reduced form processing/generation from 4 to 5 seconds to .2 seconds, a 95% reduction, replaced MS Word, Macros and converted templates to XML.   Key Deliverable: Proof that we could speed up Document Generation.

Solutions: HyperForms.

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Don't Be Him

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This guy decided that using Word for his document intensive solution was the way to go. Mistake # 1. Add in the remote locations and two tiered application, Mistake # 2 and # 3 environment. Read how HyperForms turned disaster into results.

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Over 21 million served

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After replacing a failed document management system in 2009, HyperCourt, our Court Management Solution, has processed over 21 million court documents.  This solution has significantly reduced the wait time the Courtrooms and the Public Service Counters.

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